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Master Teacher Amber Simpson Wins TX Milken Award

Barrera Veterans Elementary School  |  Von Ormy, TX  |  Feb 07, 2017

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Amber Simpson veteran Milken educators

Veteran Milken Educators from Texas welcome Amber Simpson to the family. Each state's Milken Educators form a close bond; network members support each other throughout their careers.

From left, Christal Bookhamer (TX '13); Kristina Carssow (TX '11); recipient Amber Simpson (TX '16); Laura Servin (TX '15); Joanna Bacon (TX '08); and Rogelio Garcia (TX '10).

In this series:  Amber Simpson (TX '16) In this photo:  Joanna Bacon (TX '08)Christal Bookhamer (TX '13)Kristina Carssow (TX '11)Rogelio Garcia (TX '10)Laura Servin (TX '15)Amber Simpson (TX '16)

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