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Tobin Schultz Learns that he is a Milken Educator

Joplin High School  |  Joplin, MO  |  October 17, 2013

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Tobin Schultz and Lowell Milken shake hands

The assembly may have ended but the partnership between Tobin, Lowell Milken and the Milken Educator Network has just begun. Smiling as she looks on, Angie Besendorfer knows precisely what this partnership can bring. She was a classroom teacher when she received this same honor in 1996; today she is Assistant Superintendent of the Joplin School District.

Pictured: Tobin Schultz (MO ’13), Milken Family Foundation Chairman Lowell Milken and Angie Besendorfer (MO ’13).

In this series:  Tobin Schultz (MO '13)
In this photo:  Dr. Angie Besendorfer (MO '96)

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