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Apr 01, 2016

From Teacher to Techie (Weekend Reading)

Maggie Knutson Thrive n Shine

Dear Milken Educators and Champions of Education,

We love catching up with Milken Educators whose careers have taken unexpected turns. 

Maggie Knutson (MN '04, above left) spent years in the classroom and as an administrator. It was a 2014 email from our own Dr. Jane Foley that shook up her career: Jason Young (above right), a 2000 Milken Scholar working near San Francisco, was looking for a professional educator to help launch his edtech startup.

For Knutson, who had relocated to the Bay Area with her family a few years earlier, the position at MindBlown Labs sounded like the perfect challenge at the perfect time.

Read the article to learn more about Maggie's journey from teacher to techie, including Maggie's practical tips for educators considering a move into edtech.

>> READ THE STORY: From Teacher to Techie

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