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Dec 7, 2015

"We want our students to feel like they can change the world."

What does Anthony Angelini (PA '15) want his students to learn from social studies? "When we study [history], we look at a few remarkable people who have changed the world," he told Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, at his surprise notification ceremony at New Oxford Middle School in New Oxford. "We want our students to feel like they could be those people in our society...that they can make a big difference if they invest their passion and their urgency into it."

Dear Milken Educators and Champions of Education,

Last week's shooting in San Bernardino cast an understandable shadow over our country. Among the difficult but important coverage we all saw on TV, heard on the radio and read in the papers, we were glad to have some good news to share as we crowned our four most recent Milken Educators: Melody Coryell (IN '15)Kevin Tobe (MI '15)Allison Cuttler (NJ '15) and Anthony Angelini (PA '15)

The recent attack in California — painfully close to home for us at the Milken Family Foundation — and Anthony Angelini's comments in the video above point up a hugely important role our Milken Educators play. Excellent teachers do more than guide students to good grades and prepare them for higher education: They help their students grow into the adults who will shape, lead and transform our society in the decades to come. 

Today's students are growing up in a complex, challenging world. Here's to the outstanding educators who nurture the leaders of tomorrow and give them the tools to make the world a better place.

Don't miss our photo galleries and videos from recent notifications, and scroll down for more information about the Milken Educator Award winners named above.

Melody Coryell

At Mel Coryell's surprise Milken Educator Award ceremony at Shortridge High School in Indianapolis, Dr. Jane Foley asked Coryell to explain why she has dedicated her career to bringing advanced educational opportunities like IB (International Baccalaureate), AP (Advanced Placement) and dual credit to her students. "I think rigorous educational opportunities should be available to all students, not just students who already have everything going for them," Coryell replied. In addition to facilitating Shortridge High School's IB program, Coryell leads weekly professional development sessions for all faculty as the school's mentorship coordinator, and coaches students in speech and debate. Photo gallery | Video

Kevin Tobe (MI '15)

Kevin Tobe teaching

Why does Haslett High School's Kevin Tobe (MI '15) put so much emphasis on incorporating technology into his math classes? "Technology provides students with a tremendous opportunity," he told our Dr. Jane Foley just after she named him the recipient of Michigan's 2015-16 Milken Educator Award. "It opens a lot of doors that weren't available to students five or even 10 years ago." Tobe uses applications such as GeoGebra and Desmos in his lessons and has helped other teachers incorporate Blackboard, Moodle, Google Apps and more into their classes. Photo gallery | Video

Allison Cuttler (NJ '15)

Allison Cuttler

STEM teacher Allison Cuttler has tremendous respect for the students at North Star Academy in Newark. "I think what makes our students unique is that they are willing to work so hard," Cuttler said when accepting her Milken Educator Award. "Their sense of determination and their vision [are] incredible. They see their goals every day, and they do the little things every day to achieve them." Cuttler launched the school's first AP Computer Science program and started an after-school club called Girls Who Code; many of the North Star graduates who have continued on to STEM studies in college credit her for their decisions to pursue careers in science. Photo gallery | Video

Anthony Angelini (PA '15)

Anthony Angelini

Anthony Angelini is a change agent for both New Oxford Middle School and the Conewago Valley School District. In addition to serving as the school's social studies department curriculum leader, he mentors new teachers, integrates Pennsylvania literacy standards into the history curriculum, and works to expand the use of technology in the classroom as a member of the school improvement team. Most important, Angelini makes sure he's part of his students' lives; one former student invited the teacher to his Eagle Scout ceremony, and another joined the Young Marines because of Angelini's guidance. Photo gallery | Video

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