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William L. Duncan, Jr. (GA '00)

Mathematics Project Facilitator

Georgia Learning Resource Systems
Atlanta, GA

At the time of the Award, William L. Duncan, Jr. was:

Kingsley Elementary Charter School
Dunwoody, GA

Biographical Information

After retiring from K- 12 education in 2003, William Duncan, Jr. began a second career as a middle school youth minister which allows him to continue working with young people in a very positive and rewarding way. In April 2005, he accepted a second part-time position as a mathematics project facilitator for the Georgia Learning Resource Systems (GLRS) where he works with six metro Atlanta school systems that did not make AYP in the area of mathematics and also conducts learning workshops on co-teaching. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Duncan was the principal of Kingsley Elementary School in Dunwoody. From coordinating the creation of the original charter to guiding its ratification by county and state boards of education, he shepherded the conversion of Kingsley to a 21st century charter school characterized by shared leadership and strong parental involvement. To raise the school's academic standards and better meet students' learning needs, Mr. Duncan established a brain-based curriculum and an art-based instructional delivery system called "Smart Moves." He also began an after-school daycare program that reinforced the school's brain-based, arts-integrated curriculum and developed a Family Technology Resource Center for use by students, staff and the community. Mr. Duncan was a member of the school's Governance Council and chaired the Professional Development Sub-Council.

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1979 University of Georgia, B.S.