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Wayne Erfle (MT '95)


At the time of the Award, Wayne Erfle was:

Rapelje High School
Rapelje, MT

Subject(s) taught: Vocation/Technical Education
Grade(s): 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Wayne Erfle taught technology at Rapelje High School in Rapelje. When he received the grant that enabled him to teach a Special Problems" class that eventually developed into Project Zeus, he created a school-wide program that introduced all the students in the small and agricultural-based community of Rapelje to space studies and to the latest in technology. The integrated instruction project, which centered on the design, construction, and computer-controlled launch of rockets, was honored by IBM/Technology and others as one of the nation's 16 best technology studies. Mr. Erfle was also the director of Tech Prep, a system that allows students to receive college credit for specific high school courses, and the director of School to Work, an on-site work program for high school seniors.