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Wardell Sims, Jr. (GA '94)


At the time of the Award, Wardell Sims, Jr. was:

Campbell Elementary School
Atlanta, GA

Biographical Information

Community cohesiveness, good staff rapport and a climate of creativity were some of the elements that comprise successful leadership for Wardell Sims, Jr. who was principal of Lena Jean Campbell Elementary School in Atlanta. In collaboration with the teaching staff, Mr. Sims developed a non-graded program in language arts that incorporated several approaches of current educational reform. "This program," said Mr. Sims, "is based on continuous progress without failure." The program also embodied the school's belief that "every child can learn what any child can learn." Parent cooperation with teaching staff was an essential feature of the program. Mr. Sims hoped this program will precipitate a school-wide change in perceptions and attitudes as well as eliminate the negative labeling of students. "It is incumbent upon educators," he added, "to design strategies and develop curricula that address the needs and abilities of students."