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Walter Hartung (CO '92)


Subject(s) taught: Biology, Ecology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Geology, & Astronomy

At the time of the Award, Walter Hartung was:

Nederland High School
Nederland, CO

Subject(s) taught: Science

Biographical Information

Walter Hartung teaches science to the ninth through twelfth grade students of Nederland High School in Nederland where he has created a multi-disciplinary curriculum called SPECS-Scientific, Political, Economic and Cultural Studies-which has earned him national recognition and has become a recognized model program. Mr. Hartung has written innovative computer programs for use in physics, astronomy and biology classes. A program for the latter is an animated simulation for use in the dissection of frogs. "To be a science teacher in a changing world is the best way to help shape those who will be our future," says Mr. Hartung. "Our very survival as a species depends upon the creativity and ingenuity of today's students. My goal is to ensure that my students will be well-informed, concerned, compassionate adults."

Additional Information


1974 Univeristy of Colorado, M.Ed.

1968 University of Colorado, B.S.

Academics, Assessment, At-risk Students, Computers, Interdisciplinary Instruction, Internet, Restructuring, Science, Social Studies, Technology