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Virgil Wilkins (WV '90)


Hundred High School
Hundred, WV

At the time of the Award, Virgil Wilkins was:

Hundred High School
Hundred, WV

Subject(s) taught: Agricultural or Natural Resources
Grade(s): 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Virgil Wilkin's vocational agriculture students at Hundred High School are winners each year at the state and national "vo-ag" competitions, and school enthusiasm for Mr. Wilkins's teams rival that for the school's athletic teams. The community supports his efforts with resources and volunteers, and has built two greenhouses and a meat processing lab for the vo-ag program. For 14 years he has served as a supervising teacher for West Virginia University and was one of five finalists for West Virginia Teacher of the Year in 1988. Mr. Wilkins has been awarded the State Leadership Award for vo-ag teachers, the American Honorary FAA Award, and was recently inducted into the West Virginia Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Additional Information


1991 West Virginia University, B.A.

Teacher Training, Vocations and Career Preparation, Computers, Vocations and Career Preparation