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Vicki Shirley

Vicki Shirley (MS '93)


At the time of the Award, Vicki Shirley was:

Corinth High School
Corinth, MS

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics
Grade(s): 11, 12

Biographical Information

After 42 years of teaching secondary mathematics, Mrs. Vicki Shirley retired in June, 2017. Currently, she is enjoying retirement but continues to be available to mentor the math teachers that she left behind. ORIGINAL INFORMATION: Vicki Shirley teaches mathematics to eleventh and twelfth graders at Corinth High School Academic and Performing Arts Center in Corinth. This school year Mrs. Shirley began teaching the SERC calculus class from her classroom at Corinth High School via satellite to students in twenty-six schools from twelve states. Her excitement on embarking on this new venture illustrates her stance towards the advantages of new educational technologies. "Through the years I have embraced the use of technology in my classroom not as an end in itself, but because I believe technology can extend my reach, empower my students to take more responsibility for their own education, liberate their imagination, and inspire curiosity and creativity." Mrs. Shirley believes that her greatest contribution to education has been in helping students, parents, and colleagues become conversant with new technologies. By demystifying technology, Mrs. Shirley teaches her students how to master change and not be mastered by it. "I have done my best to help students achieve their highest goals and to prepare them for the future," she says. In 1992 Mrs. Shirley was the recipient of the White House Presidential Award of Excellence.

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1975 Mississippi State University, B.A. University of Mississippi, M.Ed.

Math, Academics, Distance Learning, Technology, Teacher Training