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Tom Ridgeway (GA '90)


At the time of the Award, Tom Ridgeway was:

Georgia Academy for the Blind
Macon, GA

Subject(s) taught: Music, Mathematics

Biographical Information

A former student at the Georgia Academy for the Blind, Tom Ridgeway has taught music and mathematics to fourth through 12th graders for the past 24 years. He is one of the only two employees at the school who is totally blind, and points to the special relationship he has with his students because of his long experience with the school. He used voice output technology and Braille displays to learn computer programming, composes band scores, and writes music and dialogue for original musicals. Mr. Ridgeway was the 1988 Georgia Handicapped Employee of the Year, and was the state nominee for the national award.

Additional Information


1966 University of Georgia, B.A.

Music Programs, Math, Performing Arts