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Tim Whitley

Tim Whitley (OR '01)


At the time of the Award, Tim Whitley was:

Winston Churchill High School
Eugene, OR

Subject(s) taught: Agricultural or Natural Resources, Science
Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Science teacher Tim Whitley is founder and head teacher of the Rachel Carson Center for Natural Resources at Churchill High School in Eugene. In this interdisciplinary two-year program focused on watershed and wetland study, students learn and apply science, and hone their social studies and language arts as they work with the community and public agencies. A network of local organizations, including the Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Land Management, uses the program's findings while exposing students to career opportunities. Participation in the Rachel Carson program has turned many struggling students into enthusiastic high achievers. Mr. Whitley also developed Field Camp, an extended field-trip program for students, teachers and community members that builds civic responsibility as it expands learning beyond the confines of the school building.

Additional Information


1983 University of Oregon, B.S.