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Thomas Dolan (MI '93)


At the time of the Award, Thomas Dolan was:

Romulus Senior High School
Romulus, MI

Biographical Information

Thomas Dolan is curriculum director of the Romulus Board of Education Office, a position he has held since 1995. Previously, Dolan was principal of Romulus Senior High School in Romulus. Dolan began his career in education as a counselor at a residential facility for disturbed adolescents. The success of the programs he initiated led to an "opportunity to design and implement a psychiatric hospital for adolescents." In the course of his career as an educator, Dolan has created two schools that offered "comprehensive programs that included both mental health and educational components." The challenges of these two projects were particularly significant because Dolan is the first person outside the medical profession to be invited to embark on such endeavors. Dolan believes that the "greatest contribution educators can make is to provide students with skills that transcend the classroom." He adds that "the application of information must move from the classroom to the natural expanded community." In a concerted effort to improve and "challenge the current educational design," Dolan initiated extensive pilot programs and a cooperative and communal approach to education at Romulus Senior High School.

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1968 Eastern Michigan University, B.S.

Alternative Education, At-risk Students, Community Involvement, Community Partnerships, Community Service, Computers, Gifted & Talented Education, Grant Writing, National Standards, Parental Involvement