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Teresa Fischer (NE '03)

Director of Career Programs

Avenue Scholars
Omaha, NE

Subject(s) taught: Career Readiness
Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

At the time of the Award, Teresa Fischer was:

Westside High School
Omaha, NE

Subject(s) taught: English/Language, Drama/Theater
Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Currently, Teresa Fischer is the Director of Career Programs at Avenue Scholars, a nonprofit that serves student of hope and need to ensure careers through education/training and relationships.  Ms. Fischer runs a team of six Career Coaches who provide intrusive support to students transitioning from high school, through their post-secondary education and into their first full time job.  Ms. Fischer’s team works with students to develop their academic skills, work-ready skills and their understanding of how to navigate the labor market.   While at Westside High School in Omaha (2000-2012), English and drama teacher Ms. Fischer required active participation from all students. When she assumed responsibility for the school's drama department in 2002, student enrollment has tripled. Miss Fischer developed the theater curriculum by adding two more semesters of course work for drama students. She played an integral role in modifying the freshman English requirement into an integrated full-year language arts course that includes reading, writing and speaking. With the school's established modular schedule, which includes weekly large-group lectures involving 300-550 students, Miss Fischer employed instructional techniques that raise students' interest while holding them accountable for remaining actively engaged. Miss Fischer's large-group techniques have been used as a model for all incoming first-year teachers in the district.

Additional Information


1994 University of Nebraska - Lincoln, B.A.