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Teacola Offutt (OH '94)


At the time of the Award, Teacola Offutt was:

Orchard Elementary School of Science
Cleveland, OH

Biographical Information

"In the twenty-two years that I have served as principal, we have tried to make Orchard School a symbol of hope for our students and the community," says Teacola Offutt, principal of Orchard Elementary School of Science in Cleveland. Under Mrs. Offutt's direction, the school has initiated several teaching programs that encourage student feedback, cooperative learning and hands-on instruction. The school has also instituted an "Adopt-a-Child" program, in which staff members serve as mentors for at-risk students. Parental involvement has been secured through the introduction of school activity calendars and assignment folders for home use. Mrs. Offutt has also been particularly attentive to reforms and cultural activities that enhance school spirit and pride. In 1994, Orchard Elementary School of Science was designated a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.

Personal Message

After my retirement, I was offered a position which allowed me to serve as a director of professional development and mentor to several principals and teachers. I was also given the opportunity to observe in several schools and pick upon highly effective teaching techniques. I share these ideas at every opportunity I get. My message to all Milken Educators is that we all need to give back to the field of education: teachers, administrators, students and the overall all community.

Additional Information


1964 Case Western Reserve University, M.A.

Distance Learning, Extracurricular Activities, Language Arts, Magnet School, Math, Mentoring, Phonics and Whole Language, Professional Development, Reading, Science