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Susan Burt (WV '90)


Marlinton Middle School
Buckeye, WV

At the time of the Award, Susan Burt was:

Marlinton Middle School
Buckeye, WV

Subject(s) taught: Gifted

Biographical Information

Susan Burt teaches gifted students at Marlinton Middle School. As a result of her efforts, her school has received numerous grants, including ones for the first computers in Pocahontas County classrooms, student research on Halley's Comet, and a filmmaker-in-residence who helped students produce films for airing on public television. She has also involved the community by securing a local benefactor to donate cash prizes for a school-wide competition linking literature and social studies. In 1988 her class was one of the ten nationwide selected by National Geographic to create science units via computer networks. In 1985 Ms. Burt was accepted as the first visiting scholar at Harvard University's Educational Technology Center.