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Seth Brown (MN '11)

Peer Coach

Wayzata West Middle School
Wayzata, MN

At the time of the Award, Seth Brown was:

Wayzata West Middle School
Wayzata, MN

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics

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With students clamoring to get to his class every day, Seth Brown is popular at Wayzata West Middle School. Energetic and approachable, he keeps a finger on the pulse of the education realm, always trying to enhance his skill set and his students’ experience.

As the at-risk math teacher, Brown works with students before and after school. Regarded as a leader inside and out of the classroom, he develops and shares formative assessments. Brown injects his lesson plans with a hefty dose of technology, including SMART boards, social networks, Moodle, iPod Touches, online assessments and student response devices. Brown also relies heavily on small group problem solving, which he follows up with whole class discussion to exchange ideas and cement concepts. He also helped pilot his school’s electronic grade book.

When it comes to achievement, Wayzata West’s test scores have stood well above the state average for the past four years, and have eclipsed the district average.

Brown’s leadership activities abound. He co-facilitates the staff development cohorts, and, for the Tech Committee, he helps the district select and adapt to new technologies. Brown participates in the National Urban Alliance and leads the Day One celebration that helps usher in the first day of school. Brown is pursuing a master’s degree in education leadership.

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2002 Mathematics with a Secondary Education Minor from St. John's University in Collegeville, MN

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