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Sandra Haynes (HI '93)

Literacy Resource Teacher

Kauai District Office
Lihue, HI

At the time of the Award, Sandra Haynes was:

Waimea High School
Waimea, HI

Subject(s) taught: English/Language Arts
Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

"As teachers, we hold the key to the 'lighted' room, to the enlightened mind - to an enlightened life," says Sandra Haynes, a core learning teacher at Waimea High School in Waimea . "What a light bulb does for a darkened room," she adds, "education can do for our world." Mrs. Haynes believes that love is the cornerstone to education; one must love one's subject, love teaching and love the students. Mrs. Haynes also believes that "reading and writing are the avenues to academic competence in all disciplines" In 1986, she put this belief into practice by developing the Waimea High School Core Learning Project. The project is designed around a "reading/writing lab that introduces teachers and students to 'Writing ... Reading ... Thinking... Across the Curriculum.' " The program also promotes cooperative learning, learning-to-learn strategies, and collaborative teaching. Mrs. Haynes plans to continue her work in curriculum integration, and she has hopes of some day developing an "interdisciplinary core area project that combines language arts, history, science, and math into thematic units. I would like to see more projects of this kind and Waimea High School," she says.

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1966 University of Hawaii - Manoa, B.A.