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S. Charlesworth-Seiler (MN '01)


At the time of the Award, S. Charlesworth-Seiler was:

Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource School
Crystal, MN

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 6

Biographical Information

Scott Charlesworth-Seiler is a fifth grade teacher at Lucy Laney School in Minneapolis. He is the only Minnesota teacher that has been inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame (2012). He has been a public school educator since 1982, and worked in Texas and Germany before returning to teach in his childhood community. He has taught in traditional schools, technology and fine arts magnets, community education, and at professional conferences. On sabbatical leave, he also taught in a middle school in China. Mr. Charlesworth-Seiler serves as Chairperson for the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; has performed in a theater group that presents educational issues in the form of dramas for the professional development of educators and superintendents; and has served in numerous other capacities for the school district and the community. Mr. Charlesworth-Seiler was actively involved in a state and community project to voluntarily integrate schools across city and suburban lines by developing highly successful magnet options.

Personal Message

I am very interested in helping students learn in ways that expand the likelihood that they will be able to access and apply their knowledge. I have great faith in real interdisciplinary instruction which shows students the ways of organizing learning and helps them find relevance. I am eager to hear from others with ideas about how to structure curricula, and how to assess understanding which passes recall.

I believe that it is public education that makes our society work and improve. I strive to help make our systems better and am excited by how many others devote their lives to that mission as well.

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Additional Information


1982 University of Minnesota, B.S.; St Mary's University, MA