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Ruth Ruud

Ruth Ruud (PA '96)

Adjunct Lecturer

Cleveland State University

At the time of the Award, Ruth Ruud was:

Walnut Creek Middle School

Subject(s) taught: Science
Grade(s): 6

Biographical Information

Ruth is currently an Adjunct at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. Ruth is the Milken Educator National Coordinator for State Liaisons. Presently she serves as Head Reviewer for the NSTA Shell Science Lab Challenge Competition and the NSTA Awards Committee. Ruth is past treasurer for the Society of Elementary Presidential Awardees. Ruth also is a reviewer for various publishers and NSTA Recommends. From 2003 until her retirement, Ruth Ruud was an elementary administrator at Ridgefield Elementary School in Erie. Previously, she was the grant coordinator/special projects for the Millcreek Township School District in Erie, and before that was a science teacher at Walnut Creek Middle School. During her tenure at Walnut Creek, Ruud worked with 12 local industries to develop the Science Industry Partnerships, which enabled students in grades two through seven to explore science topics through hands-on activities and real-life applications and settings, preparing for a future in a global technological world. Ruud also created Super Science Saturday, a science fair for more than 300 students and adults, with shadowing opportunities and hands-on activities involving university and industrial scientists. And she developed "Empowering Middle School Students to Care," a service learning program in which students and the community created a tropical reptile and amphibian waterfall environment. In 1993, the National Science Foundation honored Ruud with a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching.

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Additional Information


1988 M.A., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

1983 M.A., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

1978 Gannon University, B.A. MED Edinboro University Administration Certification


NSTA Head Reviewer Shell Lab Challenge NSTA Awards Committee

Science, Portfolio Assessment, Environmentalism, Community Service, Community Involvement, School-to-Work, Technology, Community Partnerships, Business Partnerships, Distance Learning