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Ronald Scherry (MT '94)


At the time of the Award, Ronald Scherry was:

Huntley Project Elementary School
Worden, MT

Biographical Information

"Creating a strong school-community link is the most important impact I can have as an educator," says Ronald Scherry, principal of Huntley Project Elementary School in Worden. To this end, and under Mr. Scherry's direction, Huntley Project Elementary School has instituted programs such as "Perks for Parents," a program that offers parents monthly informational sessions, "MEGA Skills," a parent training program and "Parents and Children Sharing Literacy," a literacy program sponsored by the Montana State Reading Council of which Mr. Scherry is president. Mr. Scherry is currently introducing an "In-class Collaborative Model of Team Teaching" by bringing resource staff, Chapter I staff and classroom teachers together to create an inclusion model classroom. "The program's aim," he says, "is to ensure all students a successful learning experience in the least restrictive environment."

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1974 University of Wyoming, B.A.