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Ronald Nicholson (OR '92)


At the time of the Award, Ronald Nicholson was:

Alsea High School
Alsea, OR

Biographical Information

Ron Nicholson taught mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry to the seventh through twelfth grade students of Alsea School in Alsea. Mr. Nicholson spent 30 years as an educator encouraging his students to reach their life and career goals. He developed a math curriculum organized around problem solving and applications, and he established a computer literacy program which became a requirement for all graduating students. In 1977 Mr. Nicholson also developed the annual Project Fair – a multi-disciplinary event for all students at Alsea school, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Mr. Nicholson was involved in the community, state and regional levels, striving to “exercise an active leadership role in a time of great change in public education.”