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Roger King

Roger King (WI '99)


Holmen High School
Holmen, WI

At the time of the Award, Roger King was:

Holmen High School
Holmen, WI

Subject(s) taught: Agricultural or Natural Resources
Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

In addition to Roger King teaching agriculture and agribusiness at Holmen High School in Holmen, he also reaches younger children with his "Food for America" program. Taking place over two days, the program allows high school students to use field trips and hands-on activities to teach fourth-graders what they know about agriculture and how food is produced. Mr. King created an activity in which students develop landscape designs for local businesses and homeowners in accordance with their needs. The designs are evaluated by a local landscape architect, and a single design is selected for implementation. The unit has received considerable support from the community and has opened many doors professionally for Mr. King's students.

Personal Message

Activity Before Content is my message to educators. I look at these words as my ABC's. Students who are allowed to be involved in the learning process through well developed hands-on lessons use higher order thinking skills while engaged in lessons.

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Milestone: Roger King Named WI 2015-16 Teacher of the Year