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Roberta Cartwright (NV '93)


At the time of the Award, Roberta Cartwright was:

Valley High School
Las Vegas, NV

Biographical Information

"All I know is this: this is my twenty-third year of teaching, and in all that time, I have never awakened wishing I didn't have to go to work," said Roberta Cartwright who taught English to eleventh and twelfth grades at Valley High School in Las Vegas. "Neither of my parents graduated from high school. Yet, in spite of this or, as I believe more with each passing year, because of this, they did more than value education, they cherished it." "If my students discover the limitlessness of their own minds, if they recognize the power they have in their own language, if they learn to use that power to communicate and to grow, I have done my job," she said. But, she added, "I am only the beginning, the catalyst to their discovery of their abilities and knowledge and pride, as they walk on to their make a difference!"