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Robert Wallace (RI '91)


At the time of the Award, Robert Wallace was:

Joseph L. McCourt Middle School
Cumberland, RI

Biographical Information

 Robert Wallace has been principal at Cumberland Middle School since 1979. Under his direction, Cumberland changed from a middle school "in name only" to a true middle school. He implemented interdisciplinary team teaching and fostered a "child-oriented" environment that had been missing. To address the growth and development of middle school students, Mr. Wallace initiated a five-sport intramural program and secured the voluntary help of faculty members to coordinate the activities. During 1988-89 he participated in a training program sponsored by the Northeast Regional Center for Drug-Free Schools and Communities. As a consequence, he implemented an active program at Cumberland called BOLD (Being Ourselves Living Drug Free), in which more than half of Cumberland's faculty take an active part.

In 1992 I became Superintendent of Cumberland Schools. I retired in 1996. Following my retirement I served in five different interim positions as either principal or superintendent for fifteen years. 

Additional Information


1961 University of Rhode Island, B.A.

Inclusion, Special Education