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Robert Smith (RI '90)


At the time of the Award, Robert Smith was:

South Kingstown Junior High School
Wakefield, RI

Biographical Information

Robert W. Smith is principal at South Kingstown Junior High school. Neither he nor his school are strangers to accolades. In 1987, Mr. Smith was named as United States of America National Distinguished Principal by the U.S. Department of Education. Three years earlier, the federal government named his school a "United States Department of Education Exemplary School." In 1972, this innovative principal established a 25-acre outdoor "classroom," and developed what the U.S. Department of Education called the best junior high school ecology program in the nation. A firm believer in well-rounded development, Mr. Smith directs coed track and junior gymnastics throughout the state, as well as other athletic activities.

Additional Information


1969 University of Rhode Island, M.A.

At-risk Students, Discipline, Environmentalism, Extracurricular Activities, Self-esteem