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Robert McKinnie (OH '97)


Buchtel High School
Akron, OH

At the time of the Award, Robert McKinnie was:

Perkins Middle School
Akron, OH

Biographical Information

As principal of Perkins Technology Middle School in Akron, a technology magnet school with a student population made up almost entirely of minorities, Robert McKinnie has enlarged his school's technological resources through venture capital grants. The school now has two computer labs, an e-mail system, and an LCD panel for each classroom. Teachers are also paid a stipend for attending technology training sessions. On another front, he has improved discipline at Perkins by implementing such techniques as in-school, rather than out-of-school, suspensions and a "Quiet Day," during which students observe a rule of silence while changing classes. In addition, Mr. McKinnie offers a variety of incentives, such as banquets, dances and PTA-sponsored activities to recognize and reward students.

Additional Information


1989 University of Akron, B.A.