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Robert Leathers

Robert Leathers (WY '96)


At the time of the Award, Robert Leathers was:

Evansville Elementary School
Evansville, WY

Biographical Information

In the course of his 27 years as an educator, Bob Leathers, principal of Evansville School in Evansville, has come to think that an educator's success is measured in part by the setting and meeting of instructional goals. As principal, Mr. Leathers has overseen the institution of a computerized system that serves to monitor the academic performance of students. The system makes detailed reports of academic progress available to both students and their parents and is only one aspect of a wider program to develop a fully integrated technological curriculum. "Technology, which plays a large instructional role at our school," says Mr. Leathers, "gives us access to the world and its many resources." In an effort to strengthen the ties between the school and the community, Mr. Leathers has also supported and launched several instructional partnerships with area businesses and corporations.