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Robert Harris

Robert Harris (WV '94)

Assistant Superintendent

Wood County Schools
Parkersburg, WV

At the time of the Award, Robert Harris was:

Lincoln Elementary School
Parkersburg, WV

http://February 1998

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"The future work force is dependent upon our efforts at reform," says Robert Harris, principal of Lincoln School in Parkersburg. At Lincoln School, Mr. Harris has actively pursued such reform through the many programs he has helped to introduce. Strategies to improve teaching practices, to develop learning and thinking skills, and to encourage parental involvement are rigorously pursued at Lincoln School. The programs carry over into the community. Before and after school daycare facilities have been established inside and outside the school to assist parents. The school also provides transportation to and from the daycare sites to those children who need it. According to Mr. Harris, the most important contribution that can be made to the well-being of children is "a well-organized and safe school environment that encourages student success and acceptance and provides appropriate nurturing."

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1971 Glenville State College, B.A.

Reform, Remediation, Restructuring, Skills gap