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Rick Stewart

Rick Stewart (NM '97)

Director of Federal Programs

Artesia Public Schools
Artesia, NM

At the time of the Award, Rick Stewart was:

Artesia High School
Artesia, NM

Biographical Information

To combat the problem of gang activity in his school and community, Rick Stewart, principal of Artesia High School in Artesia has instituted a gang intervention program that trains teachers to identify gang activity and take action to eliminate it. Mr. Stewart has also established such programs as night school, suspension school and Saturday school to lower dropout rates and improve discipline. He has also developed a comprehensive technology program at Artesia High, providing over 110 computers to his 877 students, who receive training in the latest software. Artesia High School is also the only school in its district to have access to a T-1 line for Internet connection.

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1979 New Mexico State University, B.A.