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Rebecca O'Dell (WV '92)


At the time of the Award, Rebecca O'Dell was:

Cherry River Elementary School
Richwood, WV

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary\schools\CRE

Biographical Information

Rebecca O'Dell was a teacher of kindergarten through third grade students at Leivasy Elementary School in Leivasy. In response to a sharply declining enrollment at her school, a multi-age class structure was developed to include a K-3 class and a 4-6 class-a consolidation which helped teachers and administrators maintain strong and innovative academic programs for their students. Ms. O'Dell was instrumental in the creation of the Progressing Academically through Cultural Experiences Program which brought artists, academics and dramatic performers to the school whose students normally would not come in contact with such a broad range of influences owing to its rural location. Mr. O'Dell also began the Story Book Projects with Mom Program -an at-home parent/child reading project. Having taught at Leivasy for 33 years, Ms. O'Dell developed a new literature curriculum, a bi-weekly poetry program, and a history program that explored the nature of local schools when the students' grandparents were attending.

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1968 Glenville State College, B.A.

Parental Involvement, Academics