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Raymond Maier (MT '93)


At the time of the Award, Raymond Maier was:

Cut Bank High School
Cut Bank, MT

Subject(s) taught: Social Studies/History, Philosophy
Grade(s): 11

Biographical Information

Raymond Maier taught American civilization and philosophy to eleventh and twelfth graders. Reading and thinking were always central to Mr. Maier's life, and he "moved toward education to best pursue what he most enjoyed." If there was anything Mr. Maier enjoyed more, it was the sharing of knowledge and ideas with his students. "The 'best' of days have been those when my students have grasped a difficult and complex topic, and have engaged in lively discussions amongst themselves on the implications for themselves, the nation, and the world," he said. Mr. Maier believed that the most important contribution an educator can make is to "create a situation where young minds can learn to enjoy the difficult task of thinking and reflecting on the timeless issues of humankind." In his classes Mr Maier tried to achieve an equilibrium between thought and knowledge. By employing the Socratic method, Mr. Maier favored the processes of discovery implicit to it. "I welcome students of all abilities to share in the rich rewards of pure thought and contemplation," he said. 

Additional Information


1961 Montana State University - Bozeman, B.A.