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Raegan Rangel (VA '03)

Assistant Principal

Millbrook High School
Frederick County, VA

At the time of the Award, Raegan Rangel was:

Lead Teacher
Frederick County Middle School
Winchester, VA

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics, Algebra, Music
Grade(s): 8

Biographical Information

Raegan Rangel is principal of Armel Elementary School in Winchester. Previously, she taught music at an international school in Costa Rica, and was a lead math teacher at Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School and at Frederick County Middle School in Winchester. While teaching algebra and geometry, Rangel engaged in innovative strategies to challenge her students, including quilting to teach pupils geometry concepts and dance choreography to illustrate transformations. Rangel incorporated her lessons with graphing calculators, multimedia presentations and other best practices to make learning concrete and visual. Her students had a dramatic pass rate on the Algebra I Standards of Learning (SOL) test. As lead math teacher at Fredrick County Middle School, Rangel encouraged educators to adapt their teaching methods to different learning styles. Rangel piloted a new teacher mentor program in Frederick County. Most recently, she contributed a chapter entitled "Making the Connections between Home and School" in Teaching is Tough! A Practical Guide to Classroom Success by Philip Bigler, Stephanie Doyle, Karen Drosinos and the VA Teachers of the Year Network.

Additional Information


2006 George Mason University, Masters

1996 Shenandoah University, B.A.