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Philip Richardson (ME '95)


At the time of the Award, Philip Richardson was:

Winthrop High School
Winthrop, ME

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"My greatest impact as an educator comes, I feel, in my ability to bring people together to seek common ground for the common good," says Philip Richardson, principal of Winthrop High School in Winthrop. In his most recent project, Mr. Richardson worked with the director of adult education and other members of the school and community to establish an alternative education program for at-risk students. This multi-faceted and student-centered program directly involves students and their parents in program planning. Together with colleagues from other school districts and members from the business community, Mr. Richardson has also developed a leadership and confidence-building program modeled after Outward Bound. The program enhances leadership and cooperative learning skills while requiring students to develop a project of their choice that will benefit the school community as a whole.

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1972 University of Maine - Presque Isle, B.A.

Parental Involvement, Self-esteem, Values/Ethics, Vocations and Career Preparation, Community Partnerships, Mentoring, At-risk Students, Conflict Management, Discipline, Diversity