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Patricia Sheahan (IL '94)


At the time of the Award, Patricia Sheahan was:

Summerfield Elementary School
Summerfield, IL

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary

Biographical Information

"I set high standards for student achievement and behavior while providing opportunities for individual differences," said Patricia Sheahan, who taught second grade at Summerfield Grade School in Summerfield. The whole language approach that Mrs. Sheahan used was so successful that other teachers regularly visited her classroom to observe and learn from her methods. Mrs. Sheahan also developed a reading program that highlighted reading aloud, encouraged children to write and promoted literature in place of basal textbooks. The learning centers engaged with this program utilize computer technology and include a listening center and a research center. Mrs. Sheahan also developed a program for children to correspond with their favorite authors as well as a Book Buddy program that pairs second graders with kindergarten students in a daily reading activity.