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Patricia Reski (ND '93)


At the time of the Award, Patricia Reski was:

Fargo North High School
Fargo, ND

Subject(s) taught: Chemistry
Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Patricia Reski teaches chemistry to seniors at Fargo North High School in Fargo. "I try hard to make my chemistry class a place where students can learn with encouragement instead of intimidation, where interesting, even fun things happen." In her classes "chemistry is given meaning by relating it to other disciplines and everyday life experiences." She would like to develop an exchange program that would invite professionals from the science fields to teach in the schools and that would send students out into the field to apply what they've learned. Such cooperative efforts and community-based dialogues, she suggests, would establish a clear continuity between the classroom and the world; beyond their practical use in helping students set goals, they would also illustrate the message that a "strong science background is necessary not simply for college or career preparation but for understanding world issues." Mrs. Reski's passion for science is matched by her conviction that "all students can achieve success, if we keep alert to individual differences, if we try to be their advocates and helpers."

Additional Information


1967 M.S., NDSU

1964 North Dakota State University, B.S.

Science, Computers