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Pamela Alfieri (MI '94)


Traverse City West Middle School
Traverse City, MI

At the time of the Award, Pamela Alfieri was:

Central Grade School
Traverse City, MI

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Social Studies

Biographical Information

Pamela Alfieri is currently principal at Traverse City West Middle School. She has been working with projects such as the Culture of Thinking, the Artful Thinking Pallette, and Making Thinking Visible based out of Harvard University and the Connected Mathematics Project out of Michigan State University. Her main focus the past several years has been the effective implementation of instructional pedagogy. Ms. Alfieri recently attended another session at Harvard on Instructional Rounds by Richard Elmore. She has traveled to California, Texas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, Oregon, Massachuttes, and New York over the past several years to present the above initiatives.

Additional Information


1988 Central Michigan University, B.A.