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Napoleon Davis, Jr. (AR '94)

At the time of the Award, Napoleon Davis, Jr. was:

Guidance Counselor/Teacher
Clary Elementary School
Stuttgart, AR

Biographical Information

Napoleon Davis, Jr. is a guidance counselor for kindergarten through fifth grade at Clary Elementary School in Stuttgart. Mr. Davis, an educator for twenty-two years, spent the first eleven years of his career as a classroom teacher. In 1982, when he embarked on his present specialty as a guidance counselor, he was one of the first elementary school counselors in his district. Working with a team of elementary school counselors, Mr. Davis has developed a program that allows students to participate in 96 guidance classes throughout their elementary career. These classes focus on four major areas: character development, feelings, self-awareness and career development. Today, Mr. Davis measures his success as an educator when he observes "students successfully navigating through the myriad circumstances and situations that could have held them back. I feel successful," he adds, "because I played a part in their success."