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Nan Melcher (GA '96)


At the time of the Award, Nan Melcher was:

Stevens Creek Elementary School
Martinez, GA

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 2

Biographical Information

"A willingness to attempt any subject or project without fear of failure is my most important goal in education," said Nan Melcher, who taught second-graders at Stevens Creek Elementary School in Martinez. Mrs. Melcher was responsible for introducing her classroom to educational approaches that had been previously unexplored at her school, especially at her students' grade level. Integrated subject format, problem solving and critical-thinking activities, and hands-on strategies to reinforce learning in the areas of science, math and social studies were critical elements of the second-grade curriculum she developed. She also participated in a school-wide effort to acquire a collection of theme books that serve as an enriching complement to the teaching units prescribed by the curriculum. As a teacher-support specialist, Mrs. Melcher was the proud mentor of numerous new teachers throughout the county and countless student-teachers from the Augusta State University program.

Additional Information


1971 Northern Illinois University, B.A.

Writing, Interdisciplinary Instruction, Math