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Monica Garcia (WA '05)


Peter Kirk Elementary
Kirkland, WA

Grade(s): 8, 9

At the time of the Award, Monica Garcia was:

Cedar Heights Junior High School
Port Orchard, WA

Subject(s) taught: Biology/Life Science, Earth Science/Space Science, English/Language
Grade(s): 8, 9

Biographical Information

Currently, Ms. Garcia serves as the Principal of Peter Kirk Elementary school, in Kirkland Washington, just East of Seattle.  Working in partnership with parents and the wider community, she collaborates to assure that the student experience is rich, well rounded, and build connection to the world beyond the school walls.

After working in junior high schools as a teacher and associate principal, Ms. Garcia cannot help but bring a sense of ‘where kids are going.’  She is passionate about assuring that students leave elementary school equipped with the skills, knowledge and attitudes for success in secondary school and beyond. 

Ms. Garcia values the importance of work-life balance, recognizing that longevity in the profession lies in a teacher’s ability to work efficiently and set boundaries.  For this reason she prioritizes practices that provide appropriate support for staff, encourage staff to protect their time off the clock, and foster belonging and humor in the workplace.