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MiSang Han (IN '02)

At the time of the Award, MiSang Han was:

McClelland Elementary School
Indianapolis, IN

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 5

Biographical Information

Educated in Korea, fifth-grade teacher MiSang Han brings a global perspective to her teaching at McClelland Elementary School in Indianapolis. To promote understanding of different cultures, she has her students practice Korean social customs for several days each year. Whether showing students actual moon rocks through her association with NASA or taking them on field trips to the Chicago Science Museum, Mrs. Han ties all of her lessons to state standards. Several times each year, Mrs. Han coordinates a Math Hoe Down, bringing parents and students together to work on math problems while square dancing. Her students achieve in the higher academic percentiles, with 100 percent of her students passing the Terra Nova test. Mrs. Han's many honors include a 2001 American Memory Fellowship from the Library of Congress and a 2000 Educational Fellowship from NASA.

Additional Information


1972 Sang-Myung Women's Teachers' College, B.S.