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Michelle C. Gagne (ME '08)

Literacy Coach

Washburn School
Auburn, ME

At the time of the Award, Michelle C. Gagne was:

Sherwood Heights Elementary School
Auburn, ME

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 1, 2

Biographical Information

As of 2015, Michelle C. Gagne continues to work as an educator in the Auburn School Department in Auburn, Maine. In recent years, she has taken on the role as Literacy Coach and Title One Coordinator at Washburn School. As an instructional coach, Michelle enjoys supporting her colleagues and Washburn students in reaching their learning goals. Washburn School is the 2015 recipient of the Maine State School Improvement Grant and Michelle is working hard with others to maximize the potential of that grant over the next 5 years. Her latest endeavors include the facilitation of Open Door Wednesdays, where parents enjoy attending school with their children and are involved in a variety of parent/teacher workshops facilitated by parents, staff, and community members. At the time of receiving the Milken Award, Michelle taught a combined first- and second-grade classroom at Sherwood Heights School in Auburn, where she was recognized for her creativity, evidenced in the many poems, charts and songs she authored to enhance the curriculum. Michelle continues to draw upon her invaluable experiences as a classroom teacher to continue her educational journey. Currently, she is finishing the completion of a Certificate of Leadership through the University of Maine, Farmington and hopes to continue to grow in a leadership role.

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