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Michael Walker (AK '97)

Associate Program Director

City University of Seattle

At the time of the Award, Michael Walker was:

Thorne Bay School
Thorne Bay, AK

Biographical Information

An avid, ardent proponent of making technology a working part of the teaching and learning experience, Michael Walker, principal of Thorne Bay School in Thorne Bay, has helped integrate technology into the small-town school over which he presides. Named his region's Principal of the Year in 1996, this 15-year education veteran possesses an ability and willingness to share his technological expertise with both students and fellow educators. If Mr. Walker is committed to the potential of education technology, he also believes that it must be part of an experience that includes active participation of parents and the larger community-hence, his policy of seeking parental input, keeping the school open in the evenings, and his preference for parents officiating at Thorne Bay sporting events.

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1972 University of Northern Colorado, B.A.