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Michael Marks (MS '93)

Public Relations Coordinator

Forrest General Hospital
Hattiesburg, MS

At the time of the Award, Michael Marks was:

Hattiesburg High School
Hattiesburg, MS

Subject(s) taught: Drama/Theater, Debate
Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Michael Marks, who teaches drama, oral communication, and other spoken arts at Hattiesburg High School in Hattiesburg, was raised surrounded by educators who all held education to be the "noblest profession." Mr. Marks would like to inspire his "brightest and most capable students to join the ranks" of this noble profession. He fervently believes that education is the venue to positive change, and he would like to be directly involved in "reshaping educational policy and thought" in Mississippi. "Elected officials," he says, "must realize that most of our problems stem from a lack of commitment to educational quality. Once we have a literate and technically prepped citizenry, industrial and vocational growth as well as academic soundness will flourish." Mr. Marks hopes to someday have the opportunity to apply his experience as an educator to educational reform in his state. Mr. Marks believes that great expectations are a prerequisite to successful results. "Our students," he says, "are successful when they believe that we believe in them." At the state level or in the classroom, Mr. Marks always expects the best.

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