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Michael Barton

Michael Barton (MA '03)

Director of Media and Professional Development

Greater Lowell Vocational Technical School
Tyngsboro, MA

At the time of the Award, Michael Barton was:

Greater Lowell Vocational Technical School
Tyngsboro, MA

Subject(s) taught: Social Studies, Learning Disabilities
Grade(s): 9

Biographical Information

At Greater Lowell Vocational Technical School in Tyngsborough, teacher Michael Barton individualizes instruction according to whether his students are visual, auditory and/or kinesthetic learners. Mr. Barton developed a social studies curriculum centered on primary historical documents such as John F. Kennedy's inaugural address, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech and Ronald Reagan's speech at the Berlin Wall. He created the school's Junior Great Books and Film Clubs and played an instrumental role in establishing Project GLASS (Greater Lowell Academic Support Services), a four-week summer school program dedicated to strengthening students' language arts and mathematics skills. Mr. Barton recently traveled to Japan through the Fulbright Memorial Fund teacher program, which led him to develop a unit comparing the lives of American and Japanese teenagers, both at present day and during the Second World War.

Additional Information


1995 Salem State College, B.S.