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Michael Aiello

Michael Aiello (CA '97)


At the time of the Award, Michael Aiello was:

San Luis Obispo High School
San Luis Obispo, CA

Subject(s) taught: Physics, Chemistry
Grade(s): 11, 12

Biographical Information

In his 26 years as an educator, Michael Aiello, science teacher at San Luis Obispo High School in San Luis Obispo, has taught both junior high and high school students in a variety of subjects, from anatomy and physiology to physics and chemistry. Typical of the numerous motivating activities in which he has engaged his students over the years are field trips to medical facilities to introduce students to careers in medicine. Last summer, Mr. Aiello was one of 40 teachers in the nation to participate in the NASA Center for Educational Technologies Classroom of the Future (COTF) project, which brought together educators of varying degrees of technological proficiency to learn about and develop educational techniques for the 21st Century.

Additional Information


1969 University of California - Santa Barbara, B.A.

Science, Teacher Training