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Melisa Hancock (KS '94)

Teacher in Residence

Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary

At the time of the Award, Melisa Hancock was:

Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
Manhattan, KS

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 5, 6

Biographical Information

"I believe in establishing a rapport with each of my students," says Melisa Hancock, who teaches fifth grade at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Manhattan. For Ms. Hancock this means that her work goes well beyond school hours. She attends her students' baseball games, visits their homes and tutors them in the summers. A few years ago, realizing that "students, especially girls, were doing poorly in their math and science studies," she decided to start the After School Klub (ASK). The response was so overwhelming, that a scant two years later the program was significantly funded and the school was designated a Professional Development School. Pre-service university students conduct many of the classes, and half the population of the school is now enrolled in the club. The program has become a district-wide project, with three other schools in the area implementing the model.

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1983 Texas Tech University System, B.A.

National Standards, Portfolio Assessment, Teacher Training