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Marvin Leuschke (IL '94)


At the time of the Award, Marvin Leuschke was:

Harding Elementary School
Monmouth, IL

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"Immerse yourself in the culture of your students, because until you understand their hidden strengths, you may very well be teaching, but they won't be learning," says Marvin Leuschke, principal of Harding Elementary School in Monmouth. Mr. Leuschke believes that education must accurately assess and respond to the students' academic needs and potential. For the last five years, under Mr. Leuschke's leadership, Harding Elementary School has implemented the Accelerated School Concept program which is designed to promote shared decision-making, build on students' strengths and unite the entire school community in striving for a common goal. Through this program, Mr. Leuschke also works on curriculum development, develops assessment systems and strengthens cooperative teaching and home/school partnerships. Mr. Leuschke is one of this year's recipients of the Those Who Excel-Award of Merit from the Illinois State Board of Education.

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1970 Eastern Illinois University, B.S.