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Mariann C. Hayward (RI '00)

Math Coach

South Kinstown School Department
Wakefield, RI

At the time of the Award, Mariann C. Hayward was:

Peace Dale Elementary School
Peace Dale, RI

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 4

Biographical Information

Currently a K-5 math coach for the South Kingstown School Department, Mariann Hayward was a science and math teacher at Peace Dale Elementary School in Peace Dale at the time she received the Milken Educator Award. As a teacher, Mariann Hayward transformed her third graders into robotic scientists. Using a constructivist approach, she allowed her students to learn a wide range of math concepts as they researched, designed and constructed robotic replicas of endangered animals, recreating their natural environments and documenting their work. These creations were then showcased at Ms. Hayward's annual schoolwide Robotics Zoological Park. Her robotics program received national attention in 1997 when she was featured on ABC-TV's "Nightline," and her students have worked with researchers and scientists at M.I.T. on new robotics technologies. She is a trainer for the Rhode Island Teachers and Training Initiative and serves on a wide range of committees.

Additional Information


1987 University of Rhode Island, B.A.