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Lisa Anderson (MS '02)

Director, World Class Teaching Program

Mississippi State University
Starkville, MS

At the time of the Award, Lisa Anderson was:

Sudduth Elementary School
Starkville, MS

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 2

Biographical Information

Lisa Anderson, second grade teacher at Sudduth Elementary School in Starkville, has impacted students and educators throughout the state. In the classroom, she fosters active, creative learning through innovative interdisclipinary, hands-on programs such as Space Day, in which her young students simulate a space shuttle mission using a script from NASA, and the Rainforest Project, in which the classroom is transformed into a mock rainforest. A National Board Certified teacher, Mrs. Anderson helps fellow educators prepare for the National Board Certification process. In collaboration with Mississippi State University and the Starkville School District, she developed a curriculum and training program for new teachers called Steps of Ultimate Professional Preparation for Our Rising Teachers (SUPPORT). She has conducted more than 25 state presentations and two national presentations, and published three articles.